Conservation & Land Management

Flora Services

Seed Collection
Provenance-specific plant propagation
Seed bank
Native flora identification

Conservation and Land Management Services

Site rehabilitation & enhancement
General land management services including:
– Slashing
– Mowing
– Brushcutting
– General weed control
Habitat improvement
Offset / Bushbroker establishment, maintenance & reporting
Walking & vehicular track maintenance
Pruning & felling
Wildlife camera monitoring
Pest animal monitoring
Pest animal baiting & fumigation
Fencing & repairs
Installation of SPEL Environmental Floating Wetlands
Interpretive signage
Community engagement

Sensitive Environmental Weed Control

Low and high volume herbicide application
Physical removal
Woody weed control
Brushcutting & programmed slashing
Pest plant identification
Developing control strategies through integrated pest plant management

Consulting Services

Please speak to us about what consulting services we can offer. We work closely with Ethos NRM in delivering consultancy and field services.

Habitat Creations
specialises in
conservation and land
management with
years of experience
working across a
diverse range of

We are passionate
about maintaining and
enhancing our
valuable natural
by creating habitats
for native flora and fauna
to thrive, and for people
to interact with nature.

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Habitat Creations'

Quality Native Plants

Quality Native Plants

We grow quality aquatic, riparian and terrestrial indigenous plants for natural and created landscapes. We are proud members of the Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV). Our strict procedures and quality controls ensure that you’re getting the highest quality, robust stock that will ultimately thrive in the conditions they grow up in.

Experience & Knowledge

Experience & Knowledge

Our team are highly skilled and have many years’ experience in the horticulture, conservation, land management and landscaping industries. With our expertise we can help you create, manage and enhance your green space with quality advice and proven experience.

Always Approachable

Always Approachable

We pride ourselves on always being available and approachable for our clients. You can count on us for friendly, personal, professional one-on-one service.